Edit: This is the second post of this. Trying to figure out how things work, but I figured out how to get the comics uploaded all at once. >:D

Okay, over the next few months, I’m going to re-upload the old comics. They will be reformatted and some will be edited, because there are errors on them. 😀

*cough* There’s one case of continuity that will be fixed.

I will begin running Blackwood here soon with illustrations and further editing, because I have learned a lot over the last few months. Blackwood consists of two volumes and is just a good story for setting up the world of Black Rose. It was a practice project that has led into another that I have a dozen books planned for. Blackwood Confidential contains most of the same characters, but a different setup at points. I did not intend to end Blackwood at two volumes, but it’s a more fertile setup.

There are two volumes of Blackwood and I am editing the second for print. The new edition that will begin uploading here is more of a ‘placeholder’ so I can improve on both art and writing for the next phase.

There are two main books (Blackwood Confidential) and two side books. Fantasy Nevermore and Below the Horizon, the first is finished and the second is set in the past and I’m almost done with it. Basically, I’m writing the rough drafts and just piling them up for when I can edit them and edit them good.

Okay, that’s it. I have a lot of work to do. You can see Below the Horizon on my writing Patreon. I’m almost done with it. It’s only a dollar a month to support and get fics featuring fairies or Black Rose stuff. 😀

Writing Patreon!

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